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Work experiences & Patents

Faculty Member                                                                   

  • Lecturer and Researcher at Isfahan University of Technology, 2008-2021
  • Head of Biosystems Engineering Department, Isfahan University of Technology, 2014-2016
  • Head of Biosystems Engineering Department, Shahrekord University, 2005-2007
  • Lecturer and Researcher at Shahrekord University, 2003-2008


Technical expert

  • Head of Engine Part Design Documentation, Faradanesh Co., Tehran, 1997-2000
  • Research feasibility study Documentation, Fouladgozar Co., Shiraz, 2000-2001.
  • Head of Agricultural Mechanization Committee, Shahrekord University, 2006-2008.



  •  Electrostatic Seed Separator
  •  Impact apparatus to Measure Strain Energy of Agricultural Products
  •  Loading apparatus to Measure Shearing Force and the Stiffness of Agricultural Products
  •  Conservation Tillage using a dual bent-blade sub-surface tool
  •  Low Energy Corona Wind Dryer for Agricultural Products



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